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About Us

About Us

MyDarlin is a unique and innovative online platform that assists manufacturers of high-quality medical devices in reaching a large number of customers


Our Advantages

Just 1 day for commercial proposal and specifications!

Successful co-operation with more than 160 healthcare facilities

Free delivery, installation, and commissioning

We supply medical equipment and furniture across Europe

Our Projects


Seven Covid-19 Control Centers

Letters of gratitude and certificates of appreciation for prompt, efficient and proficient work were awarded to our team for the contribution to equipping 7 hospitals to fight off coronavirus infection. We take up a full range of steps in the equipment procurement from the preparation of a complete set of documents to free delivery, installation and after-sales service, making every effort to ensure that hospital and clinic staff have more time for patient care in these challenging times.


Lean Clinics

We provide medical equipment and supplies according to the up-to-date and most advanced standard. Now the healthcare staff have more time for patient care. The patients don't have to queue long at the reception desk. Making an appointment is simple anytime and anywhere. There is no need to be stuck in a waiting room to get medical certificates or test results.

We facilitate medical product selection and procurement for healthcare facilities so that they have more time and energy to take care of their patients.